Criminon UK Volunteering

Our volunteers start with as little as three hours per week. Many do much more. Our volunteers have the unique satisfaction of really helping people who have taken some wrong turns. We welcome your contributions in the following areas:

  • Distance Learning Tutor
  • Working with ex-offenders
  • Fund-raising (examples could be a sponsored run, setting up a charity eBay account, contacting local businesses to get donations)

Would you qualify as a Criminon tutor?

The following attributes are essential for becoming a Criminon tutor:

  • You have a minimum of three hours a week
  • You find it easy to write and or type a personal letter
  • You care about changing offenders’ attitudes to crime
  • You are persistent on a given course of action and are willing to continue to write to offenders even if they don’t reply for a while
  • You are sufficiently organised in your personal life to take on another commitment
  • You are willing to help someone despite the crime they have committed

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact Criminon on 01342 316042, or email phil.tyler@criminon.org.uk