Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteer Successes

Being part of volunteering for Criminon UK is such a privilege as the group is so great and we are all doing a magnificent job together.

I was interested in being a tutor because it’s a job I can do from home and by doing the work I help so many offenders that want to actually learn and expand on their understanding to be able to succeed in their near future.

Each time I send my letters in the post, I know I’m doing the correct thing and it feels so good. The only time I can recall when I feel best, is when I help others and that’s what I do on a daily basis.

Sandra, Volunteer Tutor


I have been a tutor for Criminon for five-and-a-half years. When I retired, I started looking at charities I could help so I would continue to be useful. To start with, the main reason I decided to help Criminon was because of the ease of contributing. You mark lessons from home, when it suits you, and can very easily fit it in with everything else in your life.

As time went by, I found it extremely rewarding. You see your students, who very often have failed at school and whose literacy levels can be quite low, suddenly succeed at something. You see their self-esteem grow. You see them change in front of you, month by month. You see how much of a difference you make in their lives. You know that they will not come back into prison and you have contributed to the end of reoffending. That makes you feel extremely good and valuable.

My main success I would say is a young student who was so shy he never wrote more than a couple of lines back to me. After doing our Communication course, he totally opened up and started telling me more about himself and his family. He has now done every single one of our courses and is one of our valued Mentors. I know for a fact that he will never get back to prison.

Christine, Volunteer Tutor


I have been a Criminon Tutor for five years and enjoy every moment of it. When you read a letter from a student that tells you his life story and the miserable life he had gotten himself into and he then says on his own account how doing our courses has turned his life around, given him hope for the future, gotten him off drugs and or given him his self-respect back and he thanks you for giving your time for free it gives me such a great satisfaction knowing what I am doing makes a difference.

I had one particular guy I took through all of our courses, and to follow his development and hear how he ended up in an Open prison, got work with a charity and then got a “real” job and a new woman in his life ready for his release, is why I do it. I am now the person in Criminon who trains our Mentors, who help other offenders with learning and educational difficulties.

Vivi, Criminon Volunteer Tutor and Mentor Course In-Charge


I’ve tutored for Criminon UK now for nearly nine years and counting. Initially this seemed like the perfect way to help out and make a difference but it’s become so much more.

I had one student who had very low self-esteem, didn’t get on with anyone around him and generally had trouble no matter what he did or where he went. After completing the Restoring Self-Respect Course he sent me an amazing letter which essentially said that he had really changed his life and his viewpoints from doing the course. He had been given a new lease of life just from studying the simple, but highly effective, precepts in the booklet and he was genuinely grateful.

To be able to quite literally change people’s lives is hugely rewarding in itself.

Becky, Volunteer Tutor


I’ve tutored for about nine years. I wanted to give something back to society in return for all the gains I’d had from the works of L.Ron Hubbard.

A student who was on the Understanding and Overcoming Addiction Course requested a pack from me for his daughter. He was very concerned because she was a drug addict and she was living with a drug addict. After reading it she realised she needed to get away from him so she dumped him and came off the drugs. I also tutored another student on several courses and he subsequently became a mentor.

Jeff, Volunteer Tutor


I have been tutoring for about three-and-a-half years now. I wanted to do more to help others so I took a look at Criminon and realised it was something that I could do fairly easily. I could tutor from home, in my own time and hopefully make a positive difference to other peoples’ lives.

I have received many letters from students thanking me for my help and for the help they have received from Criminon in general.  One even wrote and said I was the kindest person he knew, even though he had never met me!

This really sums up what it’s like to be a Criminon tutor.  It’s not just the students who win, but you also win as a tutor because you know you have really helped someone towards a better life.  You have been there for them, listened to them and acknowledged them.  You have given them support which possibly they have not had before.  Every little bit helps!

Janet, Volunteer Tutor