Third Party Evidence

As well as testimonials and post course evaluation questionnaires throughout 2016 and 2017, Criminon UK has gained third party evidence from prison officers, personal officers and other prison staff showing change since beneficiaries completed the Restoring Self-Respect Course:











“He has improved vastly, he conducts himself well in the system and is always polite and respectful to staff and other prisoners.”
Prison Officer, HMP Garth

“She is of a shy and quiet nature. Despite this, she makes attempts to be social and her confidence in herself has grown noticeably. She is caring and willing to help others and she has been more able to express herself and show her empathy.”
Prison Custody Officer, HMP Peterborough

“He will often talk to other offenders, often changing their attitudes or decision. He has also helped with one particular offender with very low self esteem and confidence, almost certainly avoiding opening an ACCT {For offenders at risk of self-harm or suicide} document.”
Officer, HMP Wymott

 “Since completing this course we have seen changes in his attitude and behaviour, all in the positive.”
Officer, HMP Wymott

“He has gained in confidence and shows a definite positive and progressive attitude. Always polite, courteous & interactive.”
Officer, HMP Whitemoor

“His attitude and behaviour has improved massively over the past few months. For a young individual it is a great step.”
Officer, HMP Garth

“It has been observed that he has demonstrated a calmer ability in all areas of how he has conducted himself over the last few weeks. He genuinely comes across as being a calmer and happier individual than he was.”
Wing Officer, HMP Bure