Learning Skills for Life Course
“As an example of how I have benefitted from the Learning Skills for Life Course, I am positively happy to confirm the following: I shared with a tutor and my Learning Disability Advisor the contents confirming the expected barriers to learning, especially too steep a gradient and the misunderstood word. To my amazement they not only listened to my input but also took on board the solutions. Before this conversation took place, we had to borrow dictionary from English class and take it back after the class had finished. Now we have dictionaries in every class. So entry-level learners can now clear their own misunderstood words. The tutors have adopted the suggested clearing methods and now show their students how to clear misunderstood words. Many students will now continue to benefit from this clearing process.

“Also on a personal note my own tutor has also reviewed his teaching methods. He realised the modules were too steep a gradient for a few of us students and this may have been the reason some students left the course. He has now simplified some of the modules and also significantly aided with their mass, by including pictures and examples. He has praised me for my own confidence in coming forward as he did not realise that may have been a problem, confirming a higher percentage of students now complete his course. It is a win-win for us all as our tutor is new, as well the course and materials. He is being accessed by the management team who is also impressed and how we have turned a negative into a positive in a productive and constructive way. It feels so good to have been able to support other students in their own academic journeys. Without signing up for this course highlighting what it does, then our little education department would not be so progressive for the benefit of all.”  – E.J., HMP Hewell


Mentor Course
“This course now completed, has made me understand the principles of being a mentor and how to apply the skills that I myself have learned throughout. It has been very stimulating and educational! I now feel very confident in mentoring a pupil because of the acquired skills learnt and accepting feedback. Thank you.”  – W.M., HMP Stoke Heath 


Parenting Skills Course
“I really benefited from this course as it make me understand more about how to communicate effectively and on the same wavelength as the child I will be looking after. I am more aware of how important it is to allow a child to be their true selves and not always need to help so much in the way of household chores and/or their responsibilities in the family house.”  – A.M., HMP Bronzefield


Restoring Self Respect
“I feel that I have benefitted from this course because it’s very easy to get caught up in the prison attitude of little to no respect, not being able to communicate properly, etc. Having done 7 years, completing this course has reminded me of the respect I was brought up with along with core values allowing me to become a better, but my own person. I have developed personal skills setting an example to others in the way I communicate, get involved with structured activities fulfilling my day constructively whilst being open and truthful, understanding boundaries and communicating with respect. If I don’t like someone’s behaviour towards me or others I will challenge them, giving a reason, in a calm respectful manner even if they become aggressive. My self-respect has grown enabling me to regain pride and self-esteem again allowing me to move forward with my life.” – J.N., HMP Littlehey


Learning How to Learn Course
“I feel more confident in myself by learning the tools to help me study. I’d like to thank my tutor Eirian, for the help when I was struggling. I look forward to my next course. Also, thank you to Criminon and for the chance to improve myself.” – S.R., HMP Forest Bank 


Understanding & Overcoming Addiction
“I’ve gained a better understand of the problem drugs affect me and those around me, physically, mentally and, emotionally. The pain and discomfort you experience when coming off drugs, detox programmes. Restimulation, reactive years after taking drugs, mental images.”  – P.J., HMP Buckley Hall