“Before I did the course I really had a bad mind set. I would not help no one. I would just take the mick out of people who are in the same jail. Now I have done the course I have got a very good mind set. I know you should always treat people how you would like to be treated. I go out of my way now to help people read and write letters to their loved ones. I would help anyone now and I would always treat people with respect. This course has proper opened my eyes to good ways in life. One year ago I could not give a crap about anyone and I would always end up in a fight. Now I would have a proper chat with people and I would always try to help people with their problems. I also go to church now so I can have a chat with people. This course has really helped me see things in a new light. So thank you for opening my eyes.”

G.W., HMP Bure (Restoring Self Respect)


“Having made up my mind to reform my character and say goodbye to my nemesis ‘the old Jason’ I came across your courses. I decided to become pro-active to change my life for the better. Having completed all of your courses but one, I decided that if I put into practice the knowledge that I have gained I could help someone else achieve the same as myself and help them better their lives. If I could achieve this I would be a step nearer to achieving my goal. There were times when I needed to talk to somebody for help, in the end it became more easier and more understandable. I can’t praise the courses enough in helping me gain confidence, self respect and a positive outlook, which I believe will assist me in my ‘new me’. I look forward to a better life. Thank you.”

J.M., HMP Full Sutton (Mentor)


“Before doing this course, I felt I had hit a dead end, my confidence was very low and I did not think much of myself and I guess I wallowed in self pity.  During and after the course, my eyes have been opened, there are of course some days when I go back to my old self, but by practicing what I have learnt, there has been changes in my attitude towards myself and others.  As my confidence is building, I feel and think much better of myself and am able to help others who are struggling and by helping myself and others, the place becomes nicer.  Doing this course has made me realize that I am worthy and am a nice person and because I am more positive, I attract better friends.”

D.S., HMP Dovegate (Restoring Self-Respect)


By doing this course I have benefited in several ways as I am now a lot more confident in my own abilities to sit down with a student and find out where they were going wrong and successfully and help them to clear the problem and progress with their studies and also it has given me confidence and boosted my own my own sense of pride at being useful and helpful to others.  I have always liked helping people to learn but never really knew how to help them.  Now that I have gained the skills from the mentor course I know exactly what to look for and what to do and these are also skills that I will continue to use throughout my lifetime.  So thank you to Criminon for continuing to change lives by offering these courses and also thank you to my mentor Vivi for her help through-out.

W.W., HMP Shotts (Mentor)


“Before starting the course my opinion of myself was one of “I don’t need any help as I’m OK”.   I did, however, realise that I was at the lowest point in my life than I’d ever been before.  Somebody spoke to me about the Criminon programme of study and I initially dismissed it as a load of tosh that wouldn’t benefit me in any way.  A couple of months passed and I got no better and it was hard for me to admit I needed help other than my own resources or what I could get in prison.  I approached the person who initially introduced me to Criminon and I signed the paperwork.  I am so pleased that I did as I have gained so much from completing the 20 lessons.  My whole person has improved 100% and I am now coping with other people, stresses and all life’s demands.  I know that using the standards set by my tutor has made me change for the better and I will improve further in the future  by keeping to the principles and virtues gained through Criminon.”

M.S., HMP Full Sutton (Restoring Self-Respect)


“Four years in Prison and I haven’t learnt as much about myself as I have done when I done the full 20 lessons of Criminon your Doing it in your own time with no one standing over your shoulder tell you what’s what  and not really caring about what your doing. but what I have understood Restoring Self-Respect you can do it wherever you are I came to prison not really knowing anything about life but crime but once I got the course it made me sit and think about my life and to me it is the best thing I could have done and with help from my tutor (Anita) has been a big help I knew she was there is I needed her.  So thank you for your help and advice and I encourage others to do this course.”

K.M., HMP Garth (Restoring Self-Respect)