Our Curriculum

The Criminon Programme can be done by any prisoner or ex-prisoner. The programme is broken down into several courses – these address different factors which can lead to crime.

The courses contain practical drills and exercises as well as study. The exercises bring home to the student why the skills and knowledge are important.

  • Restoring Self-Respect (The Way to Happiness®)(Accredited by LASER Learning Awards)
    This course is a simple guide to better living. It presents a non-religious moral code based on common sense. It contains practical exercises so that one then becomes able to use this book to improve life and all that goes with it. This course is worth 2 credits at Entry Level 2.
  • Learning How to Learn (Accredited by LASER Learning Awards)
    This foundation course gives the skills to study any subject. It covers why one has had trouble with study and gives the tools needed to learn about anything. This course is worth 1 credit at Entry Level 2.
  • Understanding and Overcoming Addiction (Accredited by LASER Learning Awards)
    This courses covers the “hows and whys” of drug addiction and how one can go about freeing oneself from the hold that drugs can have. This course is worth 2 credits at Level 1.
  • Learning Skills for Life (Accredited by LASER Learning Awards)
    This course gives one the tools needed to understand and be able to apply what one has learned. It gives the main reasons one gives up study and then teaches one how to study correctly. This course is worth 2 credits at Level 1.
  • Handling Suppression
    In this course, one learns the tools to handle suppression in one’s life. Have you ever felt like something was holding you back in life or stopping you from reaching your goals? Have you ever been around a person who was doing well one day and the next day doing horrible, doing well, then doing poorly? Do you know anyone who always seems to be sick? In this course you will find the basic reasons which explain the phenomena of suppression in people.
  • The Conditions of Life
    This course provides one with formulas one can use to improve one’s conditions in any area of one’s life. The information contained in the course shows that there are exact conditions a person can be in, in any area of life, and that these conditions have formulas which, when followed, bring one to higher conditions in his or her life.
  • Personal Integrity
    This course gives one basic principles and technology that one can use to help oneself or another regain personal integrity and bring about an improvement in interpersonal relationships.
  • Communication Tools
    This course provides one with the definition of communication and explains how communication problems can be resolved. It also gives practical exercises that break this subject down into easy to manage and understandable parts.
  • Successful Parenting Skills
    This course provides one with the tools one can use in raising and caring for children. Through this course one can gain a better understanding of how to raise children so they become happy, loving, and productive and a valued member of society.