Changing Attitudes Towards Crime

We deliver distance learning courses approved by LASER (the OfQual approved organisation which promotes, develops, accredits and quality assures courses and qualifications at all levels of education and training) and additional courses in basic moral values.


“Rehabilitation is possible” has become our watchword – and the words of our students tell the story better than anything else.  Here is a selection of comments from this last week:

“I feel I have benefitted from my course work with Criminon and I feel a sense of achievement. The more I complete the courses available, the more my self confidence grows and, with it, the knowledge that if I apply myself and want to achieve something through to the end, I can. I also feel a sense of satisfaction because it is something I have done with no help with the actual course work itself. It is something I have done for myself, and….well done to me! And a big thank you to Criminon for presenting the opportunity and for having faith in me.”
M.I.A., HMP Walton

“This course has enabled me to identify anti social traits and behaviour within myself and others. It has gone some way in removing uncertainties within my life and I think in the lives of others. I am in the process of eradicating these suppressive traits and actions from my interactions with others, so as to reinforce a positive self image. I feel I am in a better position now to help others do the same if they wish. I feel more composed, optimistic and determined about future prospects.”
A.F., HMP Bure

“This course was excellent for me as not only did it give me something positive to do in my cell but it has taught me not to be critical or judgemental of myself or others. Instead of being critical of others I now understand the reason behind their actions. The course showed me a wider picture of different types of morals and how breaking them leads to consequences. It really has helped me and I recommend the course as it is now something I enjoy practising on a daily basis.”
C.W.R., HMP Forest Bank

“Before completing this course, I thought I knew a lot about drugs, addiction and the effect it has on the mind and body. But now I have a better and more complete understanding of the effects on society and the person involved. Now I have the skills to help others and their battle against addiction.”
C.C., HMP Lowdham Grange

“The detox process was of the greatest benefit to me out of everything I have learned on this course. I feel that I would be able to help others come off drugs by using the technology I have learned. The use of the cal-mag formula along with objective exercises, put together with other programmes I have done, is going to be very valuable.”
A.K., HMP The Verne

“I am very happy that someone I met here in prison introduced me to this course – “The Way to Happiness” from Criminon. Since I started this course I have come to realise the true way of living a happy and joyful life. I have been carefully applying the precepts that I learnt from this course in my everyday life. Moreover I hope and look forward to learning more as I progress through it and other courses. What I liked most was the virtue principles – I did not know them nor their application in life in my past.”
O.A.M., HMP Huntercombe

“I found the “Personal Integrity” course to be very helpful. It was clearly delivered and easy to follow. I feel by abiding by the formal and informal rules of personal integrity I am and will continue to be a better person.”
R.J.P., HMP Bure

“Having done a few courses during my time in custody, it was good to do a course that covered communication. I now have a better understanding of communication.”
D.C., HMP Norwich

“This course has been beneficial because I do a lot of learning and have often come up against the barriers in this course. I now feel confident in learning and if I come across any of these barriers in the future I now have the tools to get past them and continue learning with good results.”
S.A., HMP Blundeston

“I have benefitted from this course to help me come out my comfort zone talking to a lot of different people I met on a regular basics like tutors, other students or just normal people I see around to have a chat and have a laugh with them about anything we can at that time.”
C.L., HMP Bure