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LLA 200 x 71Four of the Criminon UK distance learning courses are accredited by LASER (the OfQual approved organisation which promotes, develops, accredits and quality assures courses and qualifications at all levels of education and training).

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Life skills, drug awareness and moral education to help prisoners achieve lasting rehabilitation

“There is no person alive who cannot make a new beginning.” ­− L. Ron Hubbard

Criminon UK is a registered charity delivering moral education and life skills training. Graduates go on to lead productive, law-abiding lives.

meetingThe Criminon programme teaches moral choices and equips prisoners with the life skills they need to stay on the straight and narrow, and remain free from future offending.

We help them to gain the integrity to lead honest and happy lives.

Many factors may have led to a prisoner finding himself or herself in the prison system. But in the vast majority of cases they have missed an education in basic morals. The core of the Criminon course fills the gap.   [More]


Criminon delivers correspondence courses and tutoring to prisoners.

Our programme covers drug education, communication skills and – most importantly – personal integrity. Personal integrity is taught by reference to a non-religious and practical moral code, described in a book called ‘The Way To Happiness’. Prisoners doing our courses achieve genuine changes of heart. They make honest decisions to change their lives.

In many cases their life experiences would make you cry, no matter what they’ve done. But our programme enables them win back their self-respect and with that the confidence to live a future without crime.

Body-criminon-tampa_0Most of our volunteer tutors are unpaid: they work for the satisfaction of contributing to a safer society. 

Our organisation is run by a small full-time administrative staff. We are only limited by the costs of administering the courses and training volunteer tutors.

We are funded by individuals, businesses, and charitable trusts. We welcome any contributions to help with our work.